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5 th February

Posted by shashi on February 5, 2006

I am feeling much better.I had fever in the morning but now I am alright.I just have finished a content from easy starter-Karim’s story.I am surprised with some words and phrases …I mean I knew these words but I have come to know the real meaning of these words while studying this content.

There was a sentence ‘was it worth it in the end?’ I know the word ‘worth’ but I was confused with ‘wirth it’.Firstly,I felt that it was typo but when I looked in the dictonary,I found its meaning.Worth it means  enjoyable or beneficial enough to make the necessary effort.For example: I have to spend some money to join The Linguist but I know that it is worth it for my language learning.

Now I have decided to plan out my study and learning English.I can’t offored too much time for language studying.I have to have some time for my plab exam.So, I think that two to three hours are sufficient for linguist.In these hours,I will read new content ,save new words and phrases and review some old articles.I have to work on my fluency and it will be good only if I speak a lot.So give me best luck ……..



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