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My first discussion with tutor Jill

Posted by shashi on February 5, 2006

Everyone who is new on The Linguist is very much excited about his first discussion.So, I am.Here are some excerpts from my first discussion with tutor Jill Soles.

[23/01/06 17:19:00]jillsoles says:                                        

Hi Shashikant, It was very nice to meet you today. I look forward to speaking with you again soon. Here are a few corrections for you” 1. You said, “They speak fastly.”- “They speak quickly” is correct.  2. “She is nurse.”- “She is a nurse.” Don’t forget articles. 3. “She working here since one year.”- This is a very difficult construction for everybody learning English. Try to memorize this form: “She has been working here for one year.”
[23/01/06 17:19:03] jillsoles says:                                    

I will send you an email with some content suggestions.
[23/01/06 17:19:16] jillsoles says:                                   

Have a great afternoon!

[23/01/06 17:25:51] shashikant ingale says:                    

thanks a lot! I think I will never make these mistakes again.thanks for ur valuable guidance.have a nice day
[23/01/06 17:31:28] jillsoles says:                                   

No problem. Don’t worry if you make these mistakes again. It is through mistakes that you will learn. Often, people need to make the same mistakes several times before they really understand those mistakes. Take care.


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