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Posted by shashi on February 5, 2006

Today I have received my IELTS result. I have got 6.5 band.For my profession,I must have atleast 7 band.So,I am little bit nurvous.I really worked hard but my bad luck.

I have joined The Linguist site to improve my English.I am confident that it will help me a lot.I belive in stive’s methods and in my efforts.Now I have decided to spend atleast three hours on learning english.Up until now I have saved over four hundred words and almost two hundred phrases.I know that learning  language is an eternal journey.That’s why I have decided not to study english but to enjoy it.

I have few problems with english.firstly,I can’t understand the accent of native speakers but when I read the transcripts I can understand the meaning of sentence.On few occasion I couldn’t express myself properly.Most of the times I try to translate in my native language.

Stive has given very explicit direction how to became linguist and I want to be his honest follower.I will follow his every step and work hard to become a good linguist.


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