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How short life is….

Posted by shashi on February 7, 2006

Today one of my friends called me. He just has been to India. He is working in Hospital far away from me. He was telling me how he enjoyed his trip. He met with our friends and he travelled a lot. He had attended a marriage and enjoyed everything.

But he also gave me a bad news. Vijay is one of my best friend, we have spent together a lot of time while we were studying. Since I have been here, we are not in touch, as we have got busy in our works. He lost his mother few days back. My friend told that she caught fire while doing something around stove. I am really shocked with this news. I clearly remember the day when I last meet with her. It was Vijay’s engagement day. She was very happy. I told her that I was going abroad and she admired me. She was really nice person and I remember, on so many occasions, she used to bring different foods for us when we were in the hostel.

I am wondering how short life is. No one can give guarantee of life. For one moment our beloveds are close to us while in other they are far away from us. After all, this is life and we have to face it.        

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