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Bore and born

Posted by shashi on February 10, 2006

I always used to confuse with word ‘born’. Born is past participle of verb bear and also it is a noun.

 To hold or support something:
        The chair, too fragile to bear her weight, collapsed.

To accept, tolerate or endure especially something unpleasant:
     The strain must have been enormous but she bore it well.
     Tell me now! I can’t bear the suspense!

To have or continue to have something (keep)
    Their baby bears a strong resemblance/an uncanny likeness to its grandfather
To give birth to young, or (of a tree or plant) to give or produce   especially fruit or flowers:
      She had borne six children by the time she was thirty.
      Having a natural ability or tendency:
         a born writer/athlete
Be born
When a person or animal is born, they come out of their mother’s   body and start to exist:
She was born in 1950.                                                                        Ann was born and brought up in Ealing


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