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My visit to surgery

Posted by shashi on February 10, 2006

Today in the morning I visited the local surgery for my routine check-up as they had advised me last time when I registered there. The health system, here in the UK is very different from India. In India there are so many private practitioners that it is totally on our choice to whom we want to show. But here first we have to be registered to any surgery (it is place where group of doctors works together) if we want to use facilities of that surgery. No one doctor see you if you are not registered.


So I have registered in last month and today I had appointment for check-up. I went to surgery (actually I was late for five minutes) and informed about my appointment to receptionist. She had asked me to wait until I was called out. I was waiting, sitting in the waiting area. Some children were playing there while their moms were waiting for call. It was quite noisy because of them and I was pretty anxious as they call us by surname and sometime they pronounce it very badly. So I had concentrated only on announcement. Eventually they called me and I went inside. I had appointment with nurse. She checked my B.P. and urine sample and asked for immunisation history. My BP was little bit on higher side and she advised me to visit after two weeks for reassurance.


She was speaking quickly and I found it little bit difficult to catch her. But she was very nice and she talked to me in very good manner. On mere than occasions, I asked her to repeat the sentence and she never let me feel embarrassed. People of the UK are very professional and they are always helpful to you.



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