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Pakistan in need

Posted by shashi on February 10, 2006

Today in the morning, I was surfing on the Internet and I found out a new programme called Larry King live on web site Actually, I have read about this programme in linguist forum. I really liked this programme because it is with full transcript and it can be helpful for new learner. I studied interview of former president of USA Mr. Bush on his mercy mission to Pakistan.

It is about a visit of Mr. Bush to earthquake-ravaged region of Pakistan to review relief and reconstruction. Mr. Kopi Annan appointed him as special envoy of USA. It was worst ever earthquake that killed over 75000 people mostly children and women. His main role is to help Pakistan collect on the pledges that already have been made to Pakistan. He has visited Pakistan to see the devastation but he couldn’t visit the Kashmir part because of bad weather. But, he visited one devastating camp, which was right on the outskirts of the Islamabad. If someone, who mostly suffered from the bad weather are the young children. They were sitting in the tents without enough blankets, feeding each other.

Relief agencies are doing pretty good job but it is never enough and Pakistan really need help. Private sector companies are also trying to raise funds for relief and reconstruction. Right now Pakistan is focusing on the relief effort, making sure they have got enough warm tents, foods and medical care. This relief effort will get through this winter but reconstruction could take long time. He is appointed for one year and he is satisfied with the work.  


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