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shopping centre

Posted by shashi on February 14, 2006

Since last two days, I was quite busy and also I was ill, so I couldn’t able to write anything. Now I am fine and free also. Yesterday, I went to the town for shopping. I like the town centre as it is always crowded and there are lots of shopping centres where I can hang around. I particularly like the superstore ‘Primark’. It is located near by the bus stop, just behind the fountain (which was built in around1956 by the Stevenage council). It is multi-storey building with modern style. It has three different sections each for men, women and for kids. I always visit the kid’s section because there are lots of varieties of dresses and they are available in any size that suits your kids. I always look for dresses for my sister’s daughter. She is now six months old and last time we send a parcel of few dresses for her and they look pretty good on her.

I also went to the post office as I wanted to buy some post stamps. We have decided to continue to stay here, in this same flat and yesterday I received my new renewal agreement of the contract. I have to sign it up and send back till the end of this month. I needed a stamp to send it by post and so I bought it yesterday. I am planning to send it by tomorrow or day after tomorrow.


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