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Posted by shashi on February 15, 2006

Today I have participated in my first group discussion. Tutor Jill conducted this discussion and the other members were Yoko, Ai and Marsel. Marsel is from Switzerland and other two members are from Japan. I really enjoyed the discussion, as Jill was very nice and supportive. We talked on varies topics from hobbies to holiday, from music to Olympic and so on. I think we talked more about the things related with Switzerland. Marsel is quite good in communication. He told a lot about his country. Yoko was late and she joined us a little bit later as her baby was awake. She is also a member of our group and our group discussion is on Sunday.

Jill told us about winter Olympic which is conducted by Canada. She told that not a single woman from Canada has ever won the medal and every body is waiting for that moment and expecting this will happen in this winter.

Jill and Yoko also like the yoga as I like. Yoko does yoga, as she wants her body in shape. She doesn’t do exercises separately and also she doesn’t go to gym. She told that she had to walk a lot to get the train and that much exercise was sufficient for her. Overall the discussion was pretty good and I have gained a confidence that I can talk to other as well.


3 Responses to “group discussion”

  1. Tony said

    Hi Shashi

    Sounds like that you extremely enjoyed this discussion. 🙂

    By the way, how is your discussion group going on? I noticed that there is a discussion namely “Study Group Discussion” at 10 :00 PM(Japan) this Sunday. Is that your group discussion? How many members are there in this group?

    Anyway, good luck wuth your English studies!!


  2. shashi said

    Hi tony !

    Yes, as you said, we have formed a group and our discussion is going on on this Sunday. the other members are kumico, Yoko and another Yoko ( you know her as you have talked to her. she used to talk about you on a few occasion and she said you are a good tutor.I also get a lot of from you either from your blog or from chatting with you.)

    I am hoping that this group will create a good platform for me.

    [Tony, i feel that as your English is good, I would like if you correct my mistakes on this blog]

  3. Tony said

    Hi Shashi

    I am sure that your group will be a great platform for you to practice English. 🙂 That is what I’ve got from my study group.

    As you mentioned that correcting your writing in your blog by me, I don’t think that I am the best candidate to do that. I think that you should submit your writing to The Linguist for correction. I cannot judge all the mistakes you make in your writing since English is not my native language.

    I think that your English writing is good and there are not too much mistakes in your writing which need to be corrected. However, the only thing that I want to point out is about “spelling.” I sometimes find that you spell words wrong in your blog posts or comments in the Linguist forum. Before you post your articles, try to use spellchecker to catch some mistakes. In this way, you will realize what kinds of words that you spell wrong very often and start to avoid making the same mistakes again.

    see you!!

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