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SKY Group discussion 19 Feb

Posted by shashi on February 21, 2006

Sunday’s discussion topic

Topic: Busiest month of the year

Studied content:  ‘Busiest month of the year’ from ‘the linguist digest’

Time and date: Sunday 19 Feb. at 01:00 PM

Group member: Shashi, Kumiko, Yoko, Macuno

Hostess: Yoko

Tutor: Tracy  

My comments:     

 This was our debut discussion. The discussion was quite good and Yoko conducted it in a good way. When I think about the busiest month of the year, the November comes in front of me immediately. This is the month that every Hindu feels busy as Diwali the greatest festival of Hindu comes in this month.

Usually this festival starts in mid November but preparations goes on far earlier. We have to clean the house, paint the house, lightening and so on. Diwali is festival of food also. There are a lot of verities of food that is prepared and served to family members. There is a kind of family get together during the diwali. My sister and brother in low come to our house to celebrate it. During the festival we also used to do some fireworks.     


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