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Posted by shashi on February 25, 2006

You should seek (ask) medical advise before the use of any medicine. I am seeking (try to find) a job, which is suitable for me. As, being at home I have a lot of time, I have decided to seek out (look for) some information on accommodation on the Internet.

If you choose realistic context, you will learn better. Sometimes, you couldn’t be able to understand the meaning of isolated word without its related context. You can improve the correct usage of words and phrases by seeking them in various contexts.

The explanations given by tutors are more persuasive than the English dictionaries.

When you write something, don’t get exaggerate. Instead, keep it as simple as possible.

When you study a new language, you require some incentives to keep you with it. You will find a lot of incentives within the linguist. Don’t bother or feel embarrassed when you come across a word that you can’t pronounce. Try to pretend as if you are native speaker. You can acquire a new vocabulary by reading various contents over and over again. Keep in touch with ‘measure’ section to see how much you have accomplished


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