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Get used to The Linguist

Posted by shashi on February 25, 2006

My English is quite improved since last month. I am working hard on all aspects of learning of English. One thing is quite obvious that if you want to succeed you have to immerse yourself in a new language. Now, I have created my own world, my own immersion world. I read and listen to the same content over and over again until I get used to it. Initially it was too difficult to read and to listen the same content repeatedly and I usually couldn’t able to stay with it. I decided to work on it and now I think I am starting to get used to listening. Whenever I get free time I usually try to listen to. I seek for various contents of language, either from radio show or from net or they may be from newspapers but they are of my interest. I do not try to force myself to read uninteresting content or the one, which are unknown to me. If the subject is unfamiliar to me, I couldn’t be able to concentrate on it. That is why I usually look for interesting contents.

When I find the content is interesting, I try to listen to it over and over again till I get used to it. Then I save the words and phrases which are unknown to me or which are known to me but I am not confidant using them. After saving the words and phrases, I again listen to it, now I can understand some words and phrases more clearly. I print out them and say them loudly. Now I turn to write section and I use these words and phrases in my new writing and submit it for correction. As I work more and more on these words and phrases, I get used to them and they become a part of mine


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