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New linguist blog for writing submissions

Posted by shashi on February 25, 2006

It is great idea of creating a new Blog for learner’s writings. I think it really helps improving our writing. So and so, we can share our thoughts and our experiences on this blog. It also can help introduce us to newer subjects and various cultures. I was always wondering how other learners write and on what subject they would prefer to write. It will also introduce me to some now phrases and some strange words. If I find some writings interesting, I can import them and study them. As these writings are corrected by tutors, I can relay on their standards and can use in my day-to-day life. It will surely help to motivate us to write more and more natural.

I think that this blog should be kept as simple as possible. It should be place where learners can share their thoughts and found themselves motivated to write more.How do you feel about selecting ‘the best writing of the month’? It can be an incentive for other learners. 


2 Responses to “New linguist blog for writing submissions”

  1. marie louise gauthier said

    I would like to speak a fluent english as everybody

  2. shashi said

    Hello Marie
    It’s everybodys desire to be fluent in English but it’s a long way to go. I have started this journey with the linguist, a website for english learners. Now I think my english is quite improved and I can take part in conversations more confidently than ever, even though with native speakers.

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