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Posted by shashi on March 31, 2006


I have started to write a new blog: My movable dictionary. In this blog I have posted the words I am learning. Usually when I read the content from linguist library, I save the difficult words. Latter I review the saved words and found that some words are quite familiar while others are totally strange to me. These strange words with their meaning and with example sentences are posted in this blog. I have posted these words, content wise and category wise, so it would be easy to browse it. This blog is quite helpful for me as I can review the words I am learning from various content with just a single click. Hope so, this blog will also as helpful for you as me…


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London Trip: Tubes in london

Posted by shashi on March 29, 2006

      EscalatorLondon The tube

      Tube stationLondon The tube

It has been long time we were planning to go to London but due to tight schedule it was not possible. Eventually, in the last week we got some free time and we planned to visit to London.

Actually London is quite nearer from our place and it is possible for us to have a day trip. I was quite nervous before setting out for journey. It was my first journey in UK and I was not familiar with the train and underground system of London. The weather in UK is really unpredictable and there may be sunny outside while in a few moments there may be raining. So I was hoping for sunny day and with our luck that was really bright and sunny morning.

Another problem for us was unfamiliarity with the underground system. It’s true that underground trains or Tubes are the heart of London. If the tubes stop, London will stop. If you are new and if you don’t know much about tubes, it is hard to travel in London. You should not be worried, as you will get all the information regarding the tube at station. All people are really helpful and they give you good information. In India there is not an underground rail system so I was excited to see how tubes actually work. It is amazing to go down five or six levels with escalator and them travel through trains and you never feel that you are far below the ground. It’s a bit confusing to travel through the tubes as there are so many lines that run across the London and in each line you have to select the directions in which you want to go, like eastbound, westbound and so on. Once you have travelled through the tubes then you will get familiar with it and then you can easily travel without any help.

It is said that London never sleeps and people of the London never stop. Everyone is going according the schedule and it seems like that they are tied with watch. You will never get people just wandering here and there in London. If you want to travel through tubes then you have to be a part of this crowed.

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Trip to London…

Posted by shashi on March 25, 2006


Me, on the Tower Bridge, London. 

Hi everybody,

I was on a trip to London and that’s why I was a little off from my blog. It was really a nice trip. I really enjoyed it. London is a nice and beautiful city. I have visited London eye, Buckingham palace and London Bridge and Tower Bridge. It’s difficult to see all London in one go. It’s first time I was away from my town place. Initially I was worried about the underground system as I knew a little about it but now I am totally familiar about it. It’s really well developed and well organised and I enjoyed all journey through it.

I have decided to post my experience on a trip to London in a series. There are so many things that I want to say about it. It will give me a good practice on writing and I can share my feelings with you all. So keep an eye on my blog……….

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Help me find…..

Posted by shashi on March 20, 2006


Hi guys!!

I am a bit confused. I am going to buy a digital camera but I am not getting proper guidance regarding this. I searched a lot on net but it makes me more confused. I am a quite unfamiliar with cameras and this is my first time. I want to take a 4-mega-pixel camera with a price range of £ 70 to £ 100. I think canon and Kodak are quite popular cameras. I am confused regarding the models as there are a hundreds of thousands models available with wide range of price. I have selected randomly following cameras:


C530, C340, V530, C330


Power shot A520   

Can any body help me? 

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corrections in the article ‘if snow were warm’

Posted by shashi on March 19, 2006

My article if snow were warm have been corrected by tutor Tracy and I have made a lot of mistakes, right from trouble with articles to common spelling mistakes. Here are some corrections made by tutor:

1. With articles:· A jacket, a t-shirt, a sweater

· In their white coat instead of in his white coat

2. Verb:· If you thought of going out without a jacket you would definitely be chilled to the bone. Instead of ‘ if you would think of going out without ……’

· The trails have vanished’ instead of ‘ the trails are vanished.’

· ‘It would be so wonderful if snow were warm’ instead of ‘it would have been so wonderful if snow were warm.’

3. Phrase:· Be chilled to the bone:

Means be very cold
4.spelling mistakes:· In the morning everyone engages in scraping their cars.

Scraping and scrapping are two different words with different meanings. Scraping (scrape) means scrubbing. Scrapping (scrap) means throwing away or to not continue with plan or system.· If the snow were warm.

Warm and worm are two different words. Warm means hot while worm means parasitic worm like roundworm or threadworm.

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Traditional Indian marriage

Posted by shashi on March 18, 2006

Topic: Role of ceremony in our life
Date: 18 Th March, at 11:00 PM
1. Describe a memorable event in your life.
When the event took place
Where the event took place
What happened exactly?
Why this event was memorable for you
2. How important are ceremonies in our lives?
3. Do you feel the role of ceremonies changing in recent time in your country?

It was a quite wonderful discussion with Koharu as we shared some traditional and cultural ceremonies amongst two countries. In India there are lots of ceremonies performed for different periods and events in life and for death such as birth ceremony, naming ceremony, wedding ceremony and death. We also celebrate opening ceremony of new home or new shop.

Marriage is an important part of Hindu traditions. In India we mostly prefer to have a traditional marriage also called as an arranged marriage. In arranged marriage, parents look for prospective match for their son or daughter within their community mainly by word of mouth. Then they match the horoscope(which is astrological chart based on the time of birth) of son or daughter with the help of priest who has astrological knowledge in match making of kundali. Once the kundali is matched then further talk is considered. Usually parents of son go to the house of daughter where both families meet with each other and girl and guy get some time to know each other (which is around half an hour. quite strange isn’t it?). Once there is an agreement from both sides then auspicious time is chosen for wedding to take place.

Families spend lots of money for the wedding ceremony of their children even at the expense of running into debts. The whole wedding ceremony can take up to a week depending on the local customs. All relatives and friends are invited for the ceremony and minimum guest list can start anywhere from 500. There is a live music on and people from the side of groom dance in front of the band before coming to the wedding venue. Vedic rituals then performed and all relatives and friends bless the couple. A delicious food is then served to all invitees.

There are so many rituals involved in wedding, which involve priest-chanting mantras of various prayers. An important component of wedding is the sacred fire that is the witness of ceremony. Modern Hindu weddings are often shorter and don’t involve all the traditional rituals but still it takes up around three to four days to complete the function.

In the pictures you see the sacred fire in to which the offerings of the puffed rice is being made by the couple jointly while chanting mantras.

The offerings are for propitiation and for wellbeing. Puffed rice is only a token.

The pendants worne by the couple on their fore head during the wedding ceremony are of flowers or beads or pearls. They are traditional

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I want to shop ….

Posted by shashi on March 18, 2006

Again it’s a chilly start of the day and I am getting bored with this weather. I can’t get out too much and I am bit stuck in the house. It’s all over the cloudy day and freezing cold outside. Met office predicted heavy snow in the next four days.I was a bit curious about the snowing and winter season in the UK as it was my first winter in the UK but now I am fed up with this atmosphere. I really want some sunny days so that I can go to the town centre and hang around for a while.

As it is end of winter there are so many spring sales, which are started in the town centre. Last Sunday we went to the town centre and we really shopped out that day. We have bought some nice t-shirts. The superstores like Primark and Matlan have had amazing sales on and there are a lot of varieties of t-shirts available ranging from just £5 to as good as £100. I have picked up some inexpensive t-shirts. It’s nice to go to some of these big superstores as they have lots of varieties of stuff on their racks. You can get a short t-shirt, cotton t-shirt, polo neck, sleeveless and so on, all under one roof. I prefer to hit these kinds of shops instead of going to smaller shops where I could get some nice shirts but for big prices. If I am going to buy some costly shirts, no doubt they will last long but I might get bored to wear them again and again. Instead, if I buy some on-sale shirts which are pritty good in price as well as quality then there will be more choice for me to buy them again.

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My first impression about The Linguist

Posted by shashi on March 14, 2006

I would like to share my initial experience with the linguist when I was totally unfamiliar about the linguist. I was looking for some websites that could provide me some contents, which are recorded by native speakers. (Obviously I was looking for some free sites). Then I encountered the linguist, I just signed up and leave it as it is. I didn’t revisit the site for next one month while keeping working on with other sites. Now when I look at those reminiscences, I try to find out why didn’t I visit again to the site?

I would say, as I was not familiar with the site and there were so many paying sites on the net, it would be difficult for me to trust on one site. The task list page was too complex for me to understand at that stage when I was totally blind about the site. It was when the linguist costumer service persistently insisted me to use the free trial; I went on the site and reopened my account. When I had spent a considerable time with the site, then only I got some idea what exactly the site is, what it is meant for and what I can do with it. Within the free trial period I got used to the system and then I became paying member. Now not only I am studying English hard but also enjoying it as well.

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It’s 14th March…….

Posted by shashi on March 14, 2006

                                  300 th birthday of pi 

Can you guess what is special about today 14 th march? Today is pi day(value of pi is 3.14 and that’s why pi day is celebreted on 14 th March). Yes, pi is the messy number that we have encountered so many times in our school days and even in college days. Pi, which is denoted by Greek letter л, is the most famous ratio in mathematics and one of the most ancient numbers known to humanity. At its simplest, pi is the ratio of circumference of circle to its diameter. At its most complex, it is an irrational number whose decimal places randomly go on forever.

I just can recall the number as a value of 3.14 but irony is that pi can’t be calculated to perfect precision and its decimal numbers go on forever. So far, pi has been calculated to 1.24 trillion (by the way one trillion is 1000000000000) with the aid of supercomputer and it will take around 3000 years to say them out loud (if they are included in the linguist. I am just kidding). How many numbers can you recite? I think I can recite up to 10 to 15 numbers (if I practise them for whole day) but there is world record of reciting decimal places of pi. One Japanese fellow Akira Haraguchi has broken the world record for reciting pi from memory. He managed to recite the number’s first 83,431 decimal places in one go and to do this he had taken two days. Don’t you think it is quite strange and incredible story?

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Posted by shashi on March 14, 2006


Most of the people don’t like domestic chores or housework and they find it boring but it has to be done. Housework might include vacuuming or hovering (which is cleaning carpet with the vacuum machine which sucks up dirt), dusting (which is wiping a cloth over furniture and the other objects to remove dust), washing up (which is cleaning dishes), ironing and doing the laundry.  Not every one likes doing housework, some people like one task more than others. Some people find it ok to do the things like washing and cleaning but they don’t like ironing. Most of the women love dusting. They are very good at washing up and they really like to tidy up their kitchen.If two or more people live together there is often disagreement about who should do what. In some societies people complain that it’s not fair because women do most of the work. In Spain they have even been moved to make things more equal with a law, which states the man who marry, must do half of the housework. Many women with a professional or political career also have to worry about running the home, looking after the children or even older family members and it seems that these domestic responsibilities apply only to women. Even in UK research suggests that men do less work than women although the situation has changed over the years. Men are much more involved in domestic chores than they used to be. An important part of this change has been in child’s care. In 70’s, men were spending about 15 minutes of a day on childcare and by the mid 90’s that had gone up to 2 hours a day so it has been a considerable shift. Men are contributing vastly more than they were but of course women are still doing a lion’s share in majority of household. There have been significant improvements but there is still a long way to go.

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