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Winter olympic and Indian sports

Posted by shashi on March 1, 2006

Today I have participated in the discussion with Steve. It was really wonderful discussion and we talked about winter Olympic and the role of India in Olympic.

I was not familiar with the winter Olympic until I came to UK. I also didn’t know the fact that there are two different types of Olympic, which are held in summer and winter. I saw this Turin Olympic just as a curiosity and now I have become a good fan of skiing, especially downfall skiing. It’s a game of speed and determination. I loved to watch skiing as well as snowboard cross.  I still remember that moment. It was snowboard cross women’s final and four players had started to go down. One of them had taken a lead of a far distance over the others and she was just to finish the race. She had almost won the gold medal but a twist occurred in the game. When she was quite a few meters away from the final line, she lost her balance and she fell away from the track. Finally, she had to satisfy with the silver medal.

When I think about India in relation with Olympic, as opposed to other nations, it has not that brighter future. There are so many reasons for downgrading in Olympic. In India, cricket is the only national game that people want to see and want to play. They don’t want to play other games and even they don’t want to watch them. As a result, other games are still at their primary level. They haven’t grown up. Off curse tennis is an exception and thanks to Saniya Mirza. If Indians really want to come out of this draught of medals, they have got to come out of cricket mania first. 


2 Responses to “Winter olympic and Indian sports”

  1. Tony said

    Hi Shashi

    Before I studied Sania’s interview, I really did not know cricket is a religion in India. I am wondering why all Indian people almost have a strong love for the cricket game.

    In Taiwan, I think that baseball is our national sport. We love play and watch baseball games but we still play other sports such as basketball, table tennis for fun.

    Cricket seems to be not very general sports in the world, and I agree with your opinion that Indian should touch other sports not just focus on cricket in order to connect with the mainstream sport world. (basketball, soccer)

    Thanks Sania, her great efforts at tennis opens another door for Indian people can think of the possibility of playing other sports.

  2. shashi said

    Hi Tony!!

    You are absolutely right. Saniya Mirza definitely has opened new door for Indian sport. At least new generation now turned to other games than cricket. There are some other games where Indian players have topped in rank. For example Vishwanath Anand is a world champion in Chess. Rathod has won the silver medal in shooting in the last Olympic.

    In India, Baseball is not much common game. We usually play baseball at school level but not at national level. I loved to play baseball at school but as I grow I didn’t get much incentive for it and I stopped it. I love to play table tennis and I was a good player at my college level.

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