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Indian cinema on the edge of Oscar

Posted by shashi on March 3, 2006

Today’s discussion was the most wonderful discussion ever since I have been with the linguist. Today I participated in discussion conducted by Jill and other members were Ai, Koharu and Yuka, all from Japan. We broadly discussed about films: Hollywood, Bollywood and Japanese cinema.

Indian cinema, also called as Bollywood, is the second largest film industry after Hollywood. We have almost 1000 cinemas each year, including the regional films and it is the biggest industries in itself. We have produced some cinemas, which are as competent as Hollywood movies. Indian cinemas are more family oriented than western cinemas. They differ in many ways from western cinemas. Indian cinema is typically three hour’s movie as it is full of songs and dances. The music is the sole part of Indian cinema. Every film has at least four to five songs, pictured on actors and actress. Since recent past, this trend has been changing and now films are more action oriented as opposed to family drama.

More and more Indian cinemas are now released all over the western countries like UK, Canada, USA and so on. These overseas released films sometimes collect more on box-office in the foreign countries than in India. Not only the Indian emigrants but also some of the native speaker would like to watch these Hindi films. Indian cinema has produced some of the greatest films ever but still we are waiting for an Oscar award. I think the main reason for that is the length of Hindi movie. These are quite longer and western people might get bored watching them. Indians can just wait and hope, finger crossed, that some of these movies may persuade the juries and will won the Oscar.


2 Responses to “Indian cinema on the edge of Oscar”

  1. Koharu said

    Hi Shashi! This is Koharu.
    I am the member who joined the discussion. I also think the discussion was wonderful. I am very happy to find your blog! I will come again here and want to keep reading your Lingust diary !!

  2. shashi said

    Thanks Koharu!!!!

    I usually visit your blog but as I don’t know Japanese, I am not gatting much but I always try to find some english writing in your blog. Hope you will write more in english and I will learn more things from you.

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