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Debut discussion with Koharu

Posted by shashi on March 4, 2006

In this afternoon I had a conversation with my new friend from Japan: Koharu. She told that in Japanese, Koharu means small spring (it means now I can understand Japanese, at least I know two words ko and haru) She is from kuto and she works at Translation Company. To my surprise, her English is quite good even though she has joined the linguist only in last month. Her job is one and half-hour away from her home and she uses this travelling time to listen to English content. I really admire her devotion and her willingness to learn English. 

We have decided to discuss certain topics once or twice a week. It’s a positive step towards language learning. I believe in Steve and he emphasised that we should treat the opportunity to speak as a chance to test out our new words and as an incentive to keep studying. I also believe that more and more we try to speak, more and more we get fluent.


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