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The end times

Posted by shashi on March 5, 2006

In some legendary stories it is written that a huge flood had destroyed the whole world far years ago. It was happened because the sin on the earth was grown too much. God had destroyed everything and created a new world, today’s world. Is it the time that the world would be destroyed again?
Some people say that the mega-tsunami will destroy the world while some believes it would be destroyed by giant volcano. There may be a possibility of an alien invasion. There are many near objects floating around in space and if one of these objects hit the earth there could be massive destruction. Now days, there is a fear of nuclear warfare as more and more countries acquiring nuclear weapons. Some of the evil governments and terror groups are harvesting the biological weapons. Some diseases which are eradicated or which could destroy the world in a short time are preserved by these groups and they can release them whenever they want.
By and large, there are so many possibilities and so many legends concerned with the end times. But there is no need to be afraid of it and we should keep belief in god.    


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