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Pancake race ..a strange tradition

Posted by shashi on March 7, 2006

Hey guys, could you guess what it is? No…’s not a relay race nor a marathon. It’s actually a pancake race.  I don’t know about other countries but in the UK there is rather strange tradition associated with Strove Tuesday and yes, that is the pancake race.

Strove Tuesday is a feast day. A feast is one when you eat a lot of good foods in one go. On strove Tuesday, Christians traditionally feasted before lent. Lent is forty days before Easter and for Christians it is time for a fasting. So Shrove Tuesday is seen as a last chance to use up things like eggs and fats before the fasting started.

Pancake race is quite interesting race where large number of people raced down the street tossing pancake and trying not to drop them. It’s relay type race and there are four people in each team and there is about 30 to 40 yards stretch. Each member has to run up this stretch carrying a frying pan with a pancake inside it. On the way, they have to flip the pancake in the air at least twice. When they get the end, they have to pass the pan with the cake to the next member who then runs back. If you drop the cake then you have to pick it up and put it back in you frying pan. Unless you finish the race with your pancake in your frying pan, you automatically disqualified.

It’s so strange…..isn’t it?

 Prize-winning ceremony. Now it's time to eat pancakes  Prize-winning ceremony. Now it's time to eat pancakes


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