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Dr. Laura:wife wants baby and husband wants new wife

Posted by shashi on March 9, 2006

Sometimes while speaking with native speaker I make mistakes and make them laugh but it doesn’t bother me at all. (Annoy, worried, upset)

After this issue, you have got to leave your husband but don’t make that an idle threat because if it is an idle threat, don’t bother. (Without any purpose). You have got to confront your husband regarding this issue. Without confrontation this matter won’t be solved. It is ridiculous that he scold on you for such minor things. It clearly intends that he doesn’t want to live with you. Indeed, I would say he never intended to have a child from you. It is not his fault, indeed it’s his upbringing that steer him away. I always insist that you should leave your husband, as his behaviour is always resentful. You have got to act on it right now, because you are not getting any younger and your ovaries will shout down if you wait and he is counting on that. It’s waste of time to work on it and you have to take a final decision.




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