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Finding a job

Posted by shashi on March 10, 2006

SK group discussion 

Topic: finding a job

Member: shashi and Koharu

Date: Thursday 9 Th march at 10:30

Content studied: Steve and Fraser talk about finding a job


  1. How to apply for a job? Do you have any special advice on resume and covering letter?
  2. How should we prepare for job interview?
  3. Your experience regarding job search.

My comments

This discussion was really good as we both could manage to speak for an hour. We discussed on varieties of aspects of job finding. Every body has to face the job interview at least once in a life. I was not familiar with the resume until I came to UK. In India we usually don’t require to send typical professional CV’s. Most of the jobs are filled by local candidate either by direct interviews or by personal contacts. I have worked for three hospitals but I didn’t require CV’s for those jobs, indeed I got those jobs just because of my personal contacts. The situation is different in other countries. Koharu told me that in Japan there is fierce competition for job-hunting but you can manage to get a job. She told me a strange thing that in Japan there is an increasing trend in people to remain jobless and they are called as ‘parasite singles’.
I personally feel that the writing CV is an art and those who are more creative in it would get more chances. Resume is the first impression and it is the opportunity to impress your employer. If your resume is not attractive then you are more likely not been called even though you may have competitive degrees and expertise. I haven’t faced any job interview and I find myself a bit reluctant for it. One reason is that I feel a little apprehension about interview and I always think that I will flounder during my interview. Now as I am working hard on my speaking I will get the desired confidence and I will face the interview more with confidence.


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