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Ban on smoking

Posted by shashi on March 11, 2006

In UK, a historic ban took place and that is total ban on smoking in enclosed places such as restaurant, clubs and pubs. No smoking in London pubs? That’s hard to imagine but it’s true. Hereto after there will be no smoking in enclosed public places. One of the reasons for the ban is to protect the health of people who work in pubs and clubs because where they work they have to breath in the other people’s smoke in air: the second hand smoke, it is called as passive smoking. Another reason for the ban is to encourage smokers to give up. Medical authorities say that this ban will save lives very soon, in a short term.

All over Britain the news about smoking ban was a big topic of conversations in pubs and clubs. People’s reactions on smoking ban are more encouraging. Some of them who are regulars at pub say that even though there is smoking ban they won’t stop going to pubs. Most of the people including the smokers agree with the ban. The ban is good for people who don’t smoke and who wants to come out and have a social evening in the pubs. When you go to pub, you are a non-smoker but the person on the next table is smoking. All it is second hand smoke and that’s why most of the people agree that there should be ban. Smokers are also not against the ban as it might encourage them to stop smoking.


What do you think? Do you for or against the smoking?


3 Responses to “Ban on smoking”

  1. Alejandro said

    In Spain they said the same, but then the pub’s and dinner’s owners protested against it. Now they may decide if the place is smoke free or not which I find really stupid, almost every single place is non-smoke-free so they (I’m not Spaniard but I live here) are back again to the zero point, where somking was allowed everywhere 😕 weird laws!

  2. shashi said

    You are right alejandreo. every single place must be smoke free. actually implimentaiton of smoking ban is tough job for government. There will be protest from bars and clubs owner and that’s natural so it’s totally depend on the firmness of govt.and awareness of people.
    btw what do you do in spain bcoz from your blog it seems that you’re in IT industry. you are from peru so in peru is english your first language? I am esl learner and I am trying to improve my english with the linguist which is good site for english learner.

  3. Alejandro said

    I feel sorry..but I think that in Spain they don’t care and they smoke where ever they want. That’s Spain…I miss Austria 😦

    BTW: I’m smoker 🙂 but a responsible one 😉

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