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Michel Jackson’s photographer

Posted by shashi on March 12, 2006


Michel Jackson is one of the biggest selling artists of all time. He is best known for his music, dancing and his live shows. A photographic exhibition about Michel, which captures important moments in both his public and private life, recently opened in London.  One of the photographers in exhibition is Harrison Funk who was Jackson’s official photographer between 1984 and 1995. Harrison described what was he liked to be as his official photographer and what kind of emotion did he feel at first. Harrison said he was nervous and it was a bit of nerve-wracking experience but after some time his job became a commonplace, a part of his daily routine. Harrison funk took photographs of Michel over number of years when he was one of the best-known musicians in the world.  He saw him as a personality who played many different roles in his public life. Harrison describes him as a showman, performer and an entertainer. But Harrison said Jackson can also appeared to be like as statesman, an experienced and famous senior politician. He can also be like as a diplomat or an ambassador of good will. He was also a very private person. Harrison believes it is a very difficult task to capture all of these aspects of Jackson’s life in a photograph. He feels it is a daunting task for him. 
Nerve-wracking experience
an event that makes you feels tense and worried
She said that taking her final examination was a nerve-wracking experience

Daunt /daunting                                                                                If something daunts you then you feel little worried or afraid about dealing with it.

Commonplace                                                                                Part of daily routine                                                                                    Air travel has now become a commonplace, as flights are so cheap.


8 Responses to “Michel Jackson’s photographer”

  1. Mia said

    Interesting…taken slightly out of context, however. Did you get this information from an interview that you saw or did you speak directly to Mr. Funk?

  2. shashi said

    I got this information from an interview. Actually there was a photographic exibition in London and BBC had had an interview with Mr. Funk. I really liked this interview and that’s why I studied this content.

  3. Curtis said

    A this was a nice article. Everthing quoted is true and positive compared to what iv been reading about

  4. shashi said

    It’s true Curtis. I think there are few people who really know about MJ and Mr. Funk is one of them. It’s nice to see positive remarks for the world’s greatest artist.

  5. ahmed said

    Dear michel ….
    i dont know how i will explain that but relly from the first time i hered your song i start my life with classic way like your way in talk and dance and i was listining for you song form 1986 in that time i was in 9 yaers old ..
    so i hope you feel very well and injoy with good health

    ahmed ali ahmed adm

  6. samuel said

    can i get free mp3 downloads of michael jackson to my e mail adress

  7. chrissy said

    what were u doing i feel realy bad for u look very ugly but u were very sexy,and cute when u were lil i use 2 like u but now i dont know what happen over the years sorry to be so mean if i was your age when u were lil i would have went but im to young for u sorry.

    ps.I love all your songs.

  8. PS Jones said

    Jackson is a pedophile. And while very talented, hardly the “world’s greatest artist.” Many people deserve that crown before he does.

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