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It’s 14th March…….

Posted by shashi on March 14, 2006

                                  300 th birthday of pi 

Can you guess what is special about today 14 th march? Today is pi day(value of pi is 3.14 and that’s why pi day is celebreted on 14 th March). Yes, pi is the messy number that we have encountered so many times in our school days and even in college days. Pi, which is denoted by Greek letter л, is the most famous ratio in mathematics and one of the most ancient numbers known to humanity. At its simplest, pi is the ratio of circumference of circle to its diameter. At its most complex, it is an irrational number whose decimal places randomly go on forever.

I just can recall the number as a value of 3.14 but irony is that pi can’t be calculated to perfect precision and its decimal numbers go on forever. So far, pi has been calculated to 1.24 trillion (by the way one trillion is 1000000000000) with the aid of supercomputer and it will take around 3000 years to say them out loud (if they are included in the linguist. I am just kidding). How many numbers can you recite? I think I can recite up to 10 to 15 numbers (if I practise them for whole day) but there is world record of reciting decimal places of pi. One Japanese fellow Akira Haraguchi has broken the world record for reciting pi from memory. He managed to recite the number’s first 83,431 decimal places in one go and to do this he had taken two days. Don’t you think it is quite strange and incredible story?


2 Responses to “It’s 14th March…….”

  1. Tony said

    Hi Shashi

    March 14th is also a festival called “White Day” which was originally from Japan. It is another valentine day.

    You can see this page to get more information.

  2. shashi said

    Hi tony,
    It is quite interesting to have another valentine day. I wish white day should catch on in India in a soon.If it would be so, I will have preferred to take the gifts insted of giving them back.Because I am a bit selfish guy…..

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