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My first impression about The Linguist

Posted by shashi on March 14, 2006

I would like to share my initial experience with the linguist when I was totally unfamiliar about the linguist. I was looking for some websites that could provide me some contents, which are recorded by native speakers. (Obviously I was looking for some free sites). Then I encountered the linguist, I just signed up and leave it as it is. I didn’t revisit the site for next one month while keeping working on with other sites. Now when I look at those reminiscences, I try to find out why didn’t I visit again to the site?

I would say, as I was not familiar with the site and there were so many paying sites on the net, it would be difficult for me to trust on one site. The task list page was too complex for me to understand at that stage when I was totally blind about the site. It was when the linguist costumer service persistently insisted me to use the free trial; I went on the site and reopened my account. When I had spent a considerable time with the site, then only I got some idea what exactly the site is, what it is meant for and what I can do with it. Within the free trial period I got used to the system and then I became paying member. Now not only I am studying English hard but also enjoying it as well.


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