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I want to shop ….

Posted by shashi on March 18, 2006

Again it’s a chilly start of the day and I am getting bored with this weather. I can’t get out too much and I am bit stuck in the house. It’s all over the cloudy day and freezing cold outside. Met office predicted heavy snow in the next four days.I was a bit curious about the snowing and winter season in the UK as it was my first winter in the UK but now I am fed up with this atmosphere. I really want some sunny days so that I can go to the town centre and hang around for a while.

As it is end of winter there are so many spring sales, which are started in the town centre. Last Sunday we went to the town centre and we really shopped out that day. We have bought some nice t-shirts. The superstores like Primark and Matlan have had amazing sales on and there are a lot of varieties of t-shirts available ranging from just £5 to as good as £100. I have picked up some inexpensive t-shirts. It’s nice to go to some of these big superstores as they have lots of varieties of stuff on their racks. You can get a short t-shirt, cotton t-shirt, polo neck, sleeveless and so on, all under one roof. I prefer to hit these kinds of shops instead of going to smaller shops where I could get some nice shirts but for big prices. If I am going to buy some costly shirts, no doubt they will last long but I might get bored to wear them again and again. Instead, if I buy some on-sale shirts which are pritty good in price as well as quality then there will be more choice for me to buy them again.


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