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Traditional Indian marriage

Posted by shashi on March 18, 2006

Topic: Role of ceremony in our life
Date: 18 Th March, at 11:00 PM
1. Describe a memorable event in your life.
When the event took place
Where the event took place
What happened exactly?
Why this event was memorable for you
2. How important are ceremonies in our lives?
3. Do you feel the role of ceremonies changing in recent time in your country?

It was a quite wonderful discussion with Koharu as we shared some traditional and cultural ceremonies amongst two countries. In India there are lots of ceremonies performed for different periods and events in life and for death such as birth ceremony, naming ceremony, wedding ceremony and death. We also celebrate opening ceremony of new home or new shop.

Marriage is an important part of Hindu traditions. In India we mostly prefer to have a traditional marriage also called as an arranged marriage. In arranged marriage, parents look for prospective match for their son or daughter within their community mainly by word of mouth. Then they match the horoscope(which is astrological chart based on the time of birth) of son or daughter with the help of priest who has astrological knowledge in match making of kundali. Once the kundali is matched then further talk is considered. Usually parents of son go to the house of daughter where both families meet with each other and girl and guy get some time to know each other (which is around half an hour. quite strange isn’t it?). Once there is an agreement from both sides then auspicious time is chosen for wedding to take place.

Families spend lots of money for the wedding ceremony of their children even at the expense of running into debts. The whole wedding ceremony can take up to a week depending on the local customs. All relatives and friends are invited for the ceremony and minimum guest list can start anywhere from 500. There is a live music on and people from the side of groom dance in front of the band before coming to the wedding venue. Vedic rituals then performed and all relatives and friends bless the couple. A delicious food is then served to all invitees.

There are so many rituals involved in wedding, which involve priest-chanting mantras of various prayers. An important component of wedding is the sacred fire that is the witness of ceremony. Modern Hindu weddings are often shorter and don’t involve all the traditional rituals but still it takes up around three to four days to complete the function.

In the pictures you see the sacred fire in to which the offerings of the puffed rice is being made by the couple jointly while chanting mantras.

The offerings are for propitiation and for wellbeing. Puffed rice is only a token.

The pendants worne by the couple on their fore head during the wedding ceremony are of flowers or beads or pearls. They are traditional


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