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corrections in the article ‘if snow were warm’

Posted by shashi on March 19, 2006

My article if snow were warm have been corrected by tutor Tracy and I have made a lot of mistakes, right from trouble with articles to common spelling mistakes. Here are some corrections made by tutor:

1. With articles:· A jacket, a t-shirt, a sweater

· In their white coat instead of in his white coat

2. Verb:· If you thought of going out without a jacket you would definitely be chilled to the bone. Instead of ‘ if you would think of going out without ……’

· The trails have vanished’ instead of ‘ the trails are vanished.’

· ‘It would be so wonderful if snow were warm’ instead of ‘it would have been so wonderful if snow were warm.’

3. Phrase:· Be chilled to the bone:

Means be very cold
4.spelling mistakes:· In the morning everyone engages in scraping their cars.

Scraping and scrapping are two different words with different meanings. Scraping (scrape) means scrubbing. Scrapping (scrap) means throwing away or to not continue with plan or system.· If the snow were warm.

Warm and worm are two different words. Warm means hot while worm means parasitic worm like roundworm or threadworm.


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