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Trip to London…

Posted by shashi on March 25, 2006


Me, on the Tower Bridge, London. 

Hi everybody,

I was on a trip to London and that’s why I was a little off from my blog. It was really a nice trip. I really enjoyed it. London is a nice and beautiful city. I have visited London eye, Buckingham palace and London Bridge and Tower Bridge. It’s difficult to see all London in one go. It’s first time I was away from my town place. Initially I was worried about the underground system as I knew a little about it but now I am totally familiar about it. It’s really well developed and well organised and I enjoyed all journey through it.

I have decided to post my experience on a trip to London in a series. There are so many things that I want to say about it. It will give me a good practice on writing and I can share my feelings with you all. So keep an eye on my blog……….


2 Responses to “Trip to London…”

  1. Coconut said

    Hi, Shashi!
    It seemed you really enjoyed your trip to Longon!
    Actually, London is the place where I have long wanted to visit since I was a teenager!
    As you know I am really into Hawaii though, I hope to visit Europe someday, in the near future.
    Well, I am looking forward to your next entry(^^)

  2. shashi said

    Hi coconut,
    Yes, I really enjoyed my trip. One thing is that on that day the sky was very clear and weather was sunny so I enjoyed a lot (actually in UK weather is really unpredictable and now a days it is cloudy and windy) Now I have planed to visit it again and see other attractions. There were so many Japanese visitors on that day and by seeing them I really remembered you all.
    You should visit London and I know you would really enjoy it, as you are much interested in tour.

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