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London Trip: Tubes in london

Posted by shashi on March 29, 2006

      EscalatorLondon The tube

      Tube stationLondon The tube

It has been long time we were planning to go to London but due to tight schedule it was not possible. Eventually, in the last week we got some free time and we planned to visit to London.

Actually London is quite nearer from our place and it is possible for us to have a day trip. I was quite nervous before setting out for journey. It was my first journey in UK and I was not familiar with the train and underground system of London. The weather in UK is really unpredictable and there may be sunny outside while in a few moments there may be raining. So I was hoping for sunny day and with our luck that was really bright and sunny morning.

Another problem for us was unfamiliarity with the underground system. It’s true that underground trains or Tubes are the heart of London. If the tubes stop, London will stop. If you are new and if you don’t know much about tubes, it is hard to travel in London. You should not be worried, as you will get all the information regarding the tube at station. All people are really helpful and they give you good information. In India there is not an underground rail system so I was excited to see how tubes actually work. It is amazing to go down five or six levels with escalator and them travel through trains and you never feel that you are far below the ground. It’s a bit confusing to travel through the tubes as there are so many lines that run across the London and in each line you have to select the directions in which you want to go, like eastbound, westbound and so on. Once you have travelled through the tubes then you will get familiar with it and then you can easily travel without any help.

It is said that London never sleeps and people of the London never stop. Everyone is going according the schedule and it seems like that they are tied with watch. You will never get people just wandering here and there in London. If you want to travel through tubes then you have to be a part of this crowed.


One Response to “London Trip: Tubes in london”

  1. Neha said

    I loved that place.. i hope u had a good trip!

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