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Posted by shashi on March 31, 2006


I have started to write a new blog: My movable dictionary. In this blog I have posted the words I am learning. Usually when I read the content from linguist library, I save the difficult words. Latter I review the saved words and found that some words are quite familiar while others are totally strange to me. These strange words with their meaning and with example sentences are posted in this blog. I have posted these words, content wise and category wise, so it would be easy to browse it. This blog is quite helpful for me as I can review the words I am learning from various content with just a single click. Hope so, this blog will also as helpful for you as me…


7 Responses to “My new blog: MY MOVABLE DICTIONARY”

  1. NAMASUTE , Shashi !

    You visited my site. You posted a comment on my site.
    I was very glad.

    Now I am on your site.

    I’ve read your ‘about myself’.

    I was supprised.

    We have something in common.

    1. We are learning English.
    2. You speak HINDI. I had learned Hindi when I was in twenties. I have been to INDIA too.
    3. You are in UK, near London. I have been to London. ( But it was 10 years ago.)

    I hope that we keep in touch and visit each other sites.

    Is it cold in London ? Spring is in air ?
    In Japan, we have a lot of Cherry-blossoms. Spring has come here.

    Take care of yourself, not to have a fever.



  2. shashi said

    Hello banana,
    I am gald to know that you have been visited india at least once. It's amazing country. In my native language, Baba means father, so initially i thought that you might be from India.
    How is your english studying going on? It's interesting that we have few things common.
    You said that you are not linguist member then how do you study your english? Do you have some english classes?Here in the UK, it's pretty much warm as spring is approching and you may get some sunny days. so it's good atmosphere. I am enjoying my first spring.  

  3. Hi, shashi.

    Tony and you are members of THE Linguist, aren’t you?
    So I become to be interested in ‘The Linguist’.
    I will check it !

    About my study.
    I am 40s. I work daytime as most of Japanese.
    I don’t have any english class.

    But I do read English books every day.
    Somtimes Paperback. I like Micheal Criton.
    I read English News Paper everyday, too.

    And I sometimes listen English Podcast program.
    I selected Easy-and-Fun programs.
    Voice Of America, Discovery Channel….

    I want to be able to read and listen more difficult things, someday!


  4. yoko said


    I found this site at the Linguist.I am glad to know here and read your articles.
    My son just turned 1 year old on April,1st.Recently We have started to go swimming and exercise school for age of 2 years or younger.We have a fun to do it!

    I will follow your example and learn English harder.


  5. shashi said

    Thanks Yoko for visiting my blog.
    Belated Happy Birthday to your son. Now he mustn’t be troubling you as he has became older……
    How is your study going on and how is our group doing ? I am missing you all. Take care and be in touch.


  6. Yoko said

    Your Engilsh is so improved!!
    I have to imitate you.

    Though you left SKY group, I hope I can keep in touch with you!!

    Thank you for your birhday card.


  7. shashi said

    Hi Yoko!!
    I was bit confused as another yoko has also commented here. It’s nice to see your coment here. I thought you might have forgotten me. Keep in touch.

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