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The Linguist and Grammar: 2

Posted by shashi on April 11, 2006

There is some conflict going on Steve's blog regarding the learning of grammar. Steve believes that grammar is totally not essential to learn a language and it is wasting of time. Instead of that you should read and listen more and more to get used to English. I have recorded my experiences about grammar and learning English. As I didn’t prepare a note for this recording, on some occasions you may find me floundered.

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 My Recording






4 Responses to “The Linguist and Grammar: 2”

  1. Neha said

    Very interesting blog!

  2. Banana said

    Hi, Shashi!

    This is Baba Nanao.
    I heard your recording. This topic is interesting to me.

    My opinion is that
    – Using English is more important than learning grammar for learning English.
    – Today's GRAMMAR ( especially in Japan ) is very ARTIFICIAL and useless to use English. If we need GRAMMAR, it must be totally different GRAMMAR.


    Um, but it is hard to explain in English. I need some time to write up my thought. I will be back after that.


  3. Tony said

    Hi Shashi

    Again!!! You impress me again!! Wow!! You had a free English talk show for 8 mins or so. Amazing!! 😉

    I think that it is a good idea to speak English freely without preparing any note beforehand. It is a good way to practice our speaking ability and try out some new words and phrases that we are learning.

    I am thinking and planning to do this kind of practice just like you did. Maybe I can create my own English speaking show which I have a free talking in English.

    Shashi, your ideas of learning English seems to be unlimited!!! Good!! 🙂

  4. shashi said

    @ Neha:
    thanks Neha.

    @ Banana:
    Yes, I do feel the same. Firstly, we never need grammar in detail and if ever we need it should be example oriented and not theoretical as we find now with lots of mess of explanation which usually distract us away from learning.

    @ Tony:
    You know Tony, somehow I manage to talk for about eight minutes but after listening my own recording I found that I haven’t used much new words, which I could do. But any way it was a good experience and yes it helps me a lot. It’s good way to try out our freshly acquired vocabulary.

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