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Canadian Londoner

Posted by shashi on April 12, 2006


Content studied: Canadian Londoner

Listen to London Life: 

Interesting words and phrases:

1.Collin moved here over thirty years ago.

2. There is a world of difference between living in London and in England.

       a big difference

3. Hitchhiker:

       someone who travels by getting free rides in someone else's vehicle

4.  He stayed here and he has been here ever since.

       Continually since that time:
       He's been depressed ever since he got divorced.

5. Collin had a head start with French because he learnt it when he was a young.

       An advantage in a competition or endeavours.
       A good education gives you a head start when it comes  to getting a job.

6. Lumberjack:

       Someone who cut down the tries.


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