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The Linguist and English learning

Posted by shashi on April 13, 2006

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Since I have joined the linguist, my English is quite improved. Initially I was not confident that I could speak in English even though I had studied English for 10 years during my school days. The linguist has given me self-confidence that I can do it.

 The linguist gives you a head start with learning English. There are so many plus points in the linguist that enable you to learn in good way. This system is not a collection of grammar explanation nor it is based on classroom discussions. The core part of the system is a vast library of real authentic conversations. You can find about over 600 contents, which are recorded by native speakers. Here you are not forced to study particular topic but you can study the content of your interest from its huge library. With the linguist you can study the language whenever you find free time. You can study in car, during your office journey, when you are playing or when you are doing household chores. There is no restriction on the time. 

If you find some difficulty, your tutor is available to help you at any time. You can take part in-group discussion under the guidance of your Tutor so that your tutor can correct you. You can work on your pronunciation at pronunciation section and can compare your pronunciation with native speaker. If you write something you can submit it for correction. So all in all, it is a complete language system  and I am really enjoying my English learning.


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