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Posted by shashi on April 14, 2006


Content studied from London Life: sleepers


Words and expressions from the programme

Haven't had:

I feel really tense if I haven't had a good night's sleep.

Catch up:

If you don't sleep enough you need to catch up. [You need to sleep more]


Some people are really affected by lack of sleep and some people can't sleep at night. It is called insomnia.

Run down:

To feel run down means feel tired or without energy.

I find if I am under stress of work or I feel anxious, I will have real long period of insomnia and I am sure it doesn't do your body any good. I find I don't digest food properly. My skin looks horrible, I feel dehydrated and generally run down.

Pass time:

Enjoy the time by doing some interesting thing like gardening, reading etc.

Sleep is very important to me; it is my most enjoyable passtime.


In a bad mood.

If I don't get enough sleep, I am really very very grumpy and I am especially grumpy if somebody wakes me up in the middle of a nap.

Nap, kip, and snooze
These words mean a short sleep.
Example sentence
I sometimes like a snooze after lunch.


2 Responses to “Sleepers”

  1. Kirsten said

    Great blog! I found you on Battle of the Blogs on blogexplosion.

    Thought I would correct you on something – I’m not trying to be picky or anything. English is the only language I speak and it’s not until reading a blog like this I realise how difficult it probably is to learn!

    Using the phrase “pass time”. You might say you are going to do something “to pass time” or “to pass the time”. Meaning, you are doing something while you are waiting for something else. For example, “I read a book to pass time while waiting in the doctor’s office”.

    If you are talking about a hobby or something you like to do, like reading or gardening, you would use pastime (all one word).

    Here are two examples of the words used in the context of sleep:

    “I had a snooze to pass time while I waited for my favourite TV show to come on”

    and your sentence should have been “Sleep is very important to me; it is my most enjoyable pastime”.

    Hope this helps. Like I said, I only speak English so any English you can speak is more than I can speak of any other language! I just couldn’t stop myself from helping you out by correcting you (I think it’s because I am a teacher!!).

    P.S. I voted for you 🙂

  2. shashi said

    Thanks Kristen.
    I am still in learning process and I feel english learning is never ending process so feedback and guidance from native speaker like you, encourages me.

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