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Steve has commented on my blog

Posted by shashi on April 14, 2006

Hey guys !!Could you believe that Steve has commented on my blog. I was really shocked and surprised but it's really good surprise.

Here is link: The linguist and grammar

Here is steve's comment:


I find your blog just outstanding and an excellent resource, not only for you, but for other English learners. Congratulations! I have to learn more about blogging from creative bloggers like you. Alexandre has provided me a few tips and I will be putting them into practice.

I am sure that Alexandre is an excellent language learner. I stick with my point of view that grammar instruction, which has been and remains the backbone of most language teaching, is largely counterproductive.

A grammar book can be a useful resource for the person who wants a grammatical explanation or summary. A teacher is also a useful resource. The language itself, in its many forms, written and spoken, is a fantastic resource. Our Linguist system and our tutors are a resource. Your blog is a great resource. The key figure in all of this is the learner who needs to take best advantage of these resources.



2 Responses to “Steve has commented on my blog”

  1. Tony said

    Hi Shashi

    Good for you!!

    Steve also visited my blog and left a message. I am quite excited! 🙂

  2. shashi said

    You are right Tony. It’s really excited to see coment from our GURU.

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