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My favourite English song from Hindi cinema

Posted by shashi on April 15, 2006

Song: My heart is beating

Film: Julie (Hindi film from Bollywood) released in 1975

Music Director: Rajesh Roshan

Listen to song:    button_audio.gif

This song is one of the finest songs from Bollywood. This film was released in 1975 and I think it is the only English song from Hindi cinema. I love this song because of its heart touching music.

Lyrics of this song:

My heart is beating, keeps on repeating
I am waiting for you.
My love encloses, a plot of roses,
And when shall be then our next meeting,
'Cos love you know,
That time is fleeting, time is fleeting, time is fleeting.

Oh, when I look at you,
The blue of heaven seems to be deeper blue,
And I can say that,
God himself seems to be looking through (hoo..hoo)
Zu-zu-zu.zu-ru-zu (that's what it sound like)
I will never part from you,
And when shall be then, our next meeting,
'Cos love, you know,
That time is fleeting, time is fleeting, time is fleeting.

Spring is the season,
That rolls the reason of lovers who are truly true.
Young birds are meeting,
Why I am waiting, waiting for you (hoo-hoo)
Darling you haunt me,
Say do you want me.
And if it is so, when I will be meeting,
'Cos love you know,
That time is fleeting, time is fleeting, time is fleeting.

My heart is beating…


6 Responses to “My favourite English song from Hindi cinema”

  1. Banana said

    Hello, Shashi.

    This is Baba_Nanao.

    When I traveled to India 20 years ago, I went to watch a movie.
    It was in Dehli. There were a lot of people, from young to old.
    They sang to the movie music. They spoke loudly to persons on the movie. They laught and cried with persons on the movie.
    I remembet the time. I had a lot of fun with them in the movie theator.

    Thank you for your introducing the song.


  2. shashi said

    Hi banana!!
    You are right. Indians are crazy about two things: one is cricket and another is movies. They really enjoy each and every things of movie. I am addictor of hindi movie. Even though now it is not possible to watch movie in theater, I still watch them on telivision and enjoy as much as I did watching on theater.

    This is one of the best song from old hindi movies. I really love it. eventhough English song, it has it’s original indian touch and it touches my heart whenever i listen to it.

  3. Nakul Reddy said

    Hi sashi,
    Atlast i find it.I’am searching for this song for long time.can u pls send me MP3 file of this song.

    Nakul Reddy.

  4. Andrew - Toronto said

    My boyfriend Ryan, of 9 months sings this song for me all the time. Everytime he sings this song…It reminds me much he loves me.

    Andrew and Ryan forever !

  5. Hiral said

    Hi! focks i was wondering what is this song from i need to get it in my mp3 player ok:)

    Fillin high———-
    My heart just can’t be true —
    Only My just can’t be true

  6. I m sure nobody knows that there was one song in rajkapoors SANGAM[1964]which had many languages like
    english,german,russian,etc,words were… pishlibedish i love u,jabsuten ilove u ya lubluba ilove u.
    It was sung by vivian lobo,a singer from hotel at churchgate,where FAMOUSE music directorJAIKISHANof,SHANKAR JAIKISHAN used to go daily,Song was picturised in background.When rajkapoor and vyjyantimala visit europe aftr their marriage.this song is available on ORIGINAL long play of sangam.and on 78 rpm.Must listen .

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