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The oldest cinema

Posted by shashi on April 21, 2006


Content studied from London Life: The oldest cinema


Words and expressions from the programme

  • More people are going to the movies in the UK than they have at any other time in the last 30 years and almost every big town now has a multiplex cinema, showing the latest blockbusters.
  • Apparently architect Jerald constructed the Electric cinema as music hall in early 1910, as before this they hadn't been a cinema in UK. There was no established cinema model in UK to copy.
    Apparently means, "according to what seems to be the case but may not actually be so"
  • It's recently been renovated to become a unique cinematic experience. It is only the place in the London where you can spend a night watching a movie on one of these comfy lather sofas.
    Renovate means to repair and improve something, especially a building:
    He renovates old houses and sells them at a profit.
    Renewal means to increase the life of or replace something old:
    Every year I renew my membership of the sports club.
    I forgot to renew my season ticket.
  • Adams recommends this film if anybody who is into Arthur in mythology.
    In this sentence into is used to say you like something
    I'm really into jazz music.
    I am into films about crime.
  • Although that double lather sofa in the Electric cinema would really comfortable, I think that the price was a bit above my budget. So I am going to find some more cheap and cheerful in the heart of London.
    Above my budget means too expensive.
    Cheap and cheerful means fun and not expensive.

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