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Perspective of English learning in India

Posted by shashi on April 22, 2006

English is now world wide language for communication and well accepted in all aspects from politics to poetry, sports to shopping, travels to telecommunication, Internet to entrepreneur and so on. It is now must to have good communication skill in English.In India, as other developing countries, English is now well accepted as business language. In most of the metropolitan cities, English is first language of communication. If you don't have good English then your chances of success will remain far away from you. Though some small businesses are still using local language for their work, English is still considered as royal language for it. Even though you have choice of studying up to school level in your mother tongue, after that from college level, education is compulsory in English medium only. In fact if some one graduates from university then he will be studying English at least for 10 years. Then why doesn't Indians have good English compatible at international level?

It is not like that Indians doesn't have good English. There are so many Indians who can speak English very well, even as native speakers. Again it is applied to those folks who study in English medium school (convent schools), so naturally they start to speak English from childhood. (Now there is increasing trend of sending children in convent schools instead of local language schools). But what about others who spend their school days studying in mother tongue? When these pupils entered in high schools, they are very much afraid about English and still they have to study their subjects in English medium. Even though they get adjusted to this change they never learn to speak English. They just learn vast vocabulary of academic words, which are useless for casual speaking (these words only accounts for 8 to 10% of any content).

Then why government has made compulsory to study academic education in English? Why it is not to have education in English right from your junior KG? What initiatives should government take to improve education system?

I will deal with this topic in few of my forthcoming posts…keep reading this blog.


4 Responses to “Perspective of English learning in India”

  1. Ravi said


    Whether you like it or not, India is world’s second largest English speaking country. Very conservatively 7% of India’s population has good English skills. That makes it over 80 million – second only to USA. ABC News poll estimated this number well near 20% – so it may even exceed USA. Remember, India’s 54% population is below 25 – thats a whopping 550 million.

    Just some food for thought – many International students are choosing to come to India for English learning. It is much cheaper and affordable. Although not 100% English environment, they experience sufficient English environment for the purpose of improving their English.

    Well. the Indian ESL Teachers may and do have funny accents – that varies with region, age and societal strata of the teacher. But, research shows that the student’s accent does not depend on the teacher’s accent. Many Asians living in California for over 20 years, still speak English with an accent typical of their motherland.

  2. shashi said

    Thanks for providing statistics. I know and proud of that there are too many Indian who have good English compatible at international level. As you said there are 7% Indians who’s English is good, then what about the other population?
    My point is that who are at convent school they study in English only and their English is good. However the students who study in mother tongue they lack in fluency and can’t progress in English even though latter, at college level, they study their curriculum in English. I want to point towards our policy dealing with English.

  3. Lee said

    Where did you get those statistics? I would be interested in seeing a study around that. Is there anything readily available on the web?



  4. nangialai yosufzai said

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