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Perspective of learning English in India: Education system

Posted by shashi on April 23, 2006

In India, most of the students study in local language schools where English is second language as compared to convent school where English is the first language. Most of the students don't concern about English till they get admission to high school or college. It is the time when they actually expose to English. At school level, English is usually third language subject and students study English only through some grammar rules and vocabulary. They are mostly encouraged to write some essays and to answer some questions. Though these are English classes, they are usually conducted by English teacher who has limited knowledge about speaking English. These teachers, nevertheless, have good knowledge of English grammar. They speak in local language and teach grammar usually and ask to complete some grammar tasks. Despite studying English for five to six years at school, student doesn't get any opportunity to speak in English and never encouraged to speak in English.

 When such students enter in college, they are usually very worried and depressed about their English. At college level all subjects are taught in English and all lectures are conducted in English only. Now they try to concentrate only on academic words and try to imitate them. They usually don't get any problem understanding the subject and clearly pass the exams despite lack of sufficient English knowledge. I have found some students who ranked top in English but they couldn't speak in English. After completion of college study, students get admission for university degrees. At the university, education is again in English. If you are majoring in English then you might get sufficient knowledge about speaking English. At least you will try to speak in English. If you are majoring in some other subjects then there will be no any progress in your English proficiency.  

When student actually come in real world, then he realise that he can't speak in English even though he had studied English for eight to ten years. Then he gets frustrate and at this stage he actually try to learn English. Now he focuses on his speaking ability and tries to improve it.

What students do to improve their English? What are the sources available in India if someone wants to improve English communication skills? Are there sufficient classes and sources available for students to learn English?

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2 Responses to “Perspective of learning English in India: Education system”

  1. jean said

    The students are made to take the burn of the education system in india. The education system needs to be revamped. I mean who needs to study history for 8 years. Its good but all these years?

  2. neutron said

    You obviously don’t need too much help with your English but maybe someone you know would be interested in my English learners blog:

    Interesting blog you have here!

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