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Up to date reading report

Posted by shashi on April 23, 2006

I have dicided to count the words from linguist content which I study and other material that I read. I hope it will keep me motivated for further studying. 

Total number of words: 1,92,956 words

Number of words from linguist content: 1,37,094 words

Number of words from non-linguist content: 55,862 words

January: (29,069 words)

  • Feeding baby – 1613
  • Extreme sport part I – 1637
  • Your language adventure part 1 to 9 – 4170
  • Cartoons – 1582
  • Learner of the month, August 2005 – 844
  • Key to success – 770
  • Steve's corner "let's talk" august 2005 – 929
  • What's new at the linguist, August 2005 -743
  • Anne of green gable chapter I part I -1704
  • Improve your English skill by writing -3886
  • Dr. Laura: wife wants new baby and husband wants a new wife -1615
  • The end times -1105
  • Vancouver board of trade -2408
  • A short tour of Mars -1223
  • About the linguist -4830

February (34,431 words)

  • Jill and Kate chat about shopping part I and II -1806
  • Departmental stores -763
  • 3 ways to jumpstart your home based business -729
  • The pronunciation doctor part 1 to 8 -3806
  • Listening to content at the Linguist -562
  • All the grammar you need to know -409
  • Canada's health system part I and II – 844
  • David chat with Jill about her love for nature -1782
  • Davis and Christ chat about their weekend plan -779
  • The busiest month of the year -460
  • Phrases introduction -1086
  • Finding work in your new country -2343
  • Language learning -2560
  • Ordering in restaurant -1207
  • A typical week on the linguist -1114
  • The linguist manifesto -1005
  • Family life -2404
  • The bible and football -1205
  • Pronunciation: read slowly by Steve -749
  • The flu -592
  • Greetings and goodbyes -758
  • Asking for things -664
  • Tzetal Indian's faith stories -1681
  • Lending books -1593
  • Jason Robinson -1112
  • Karim's story -1259
  • Honesty in business -1159

March (1446 words)

  • San Francisco's terra infirma -970
  • A talk about organic food part I and II -1387
  • Are your children growing up to fast -639
  • Dr. joy brown speaks with women about her marriage trouble -648
  • Your child's disability -679
  • Celebrating fathers -281
  • An interracial marriage -2159
  • Life in northern town -275
  • David chat with his mom about very special birthday surprise -920
  • Architect -1956
  • Steve speaks with Fraser about looking for job -3260
  • The history of coca cola -390
  • The Olympic games -520

April (7182 words)

  • The success principle -386
  • Vancouver changes -2506
  • Bullying part I and II -1298
  • Is your child ready for allowance -713
  • Get down on floor and play with your child -456
  • David speaks with Dr. Morley Philips -877
  • Dr. Laura chat with mom of cheeky teenager -951

4 Responses to “Up to date reading report”

  1. Tony said

    Hi Shashi

    I am glad that you also decided to make your reading report and count how many words you’ve read. 🙂

    I have to say that you are certainly a good competitor for me.

  2. shashi said

    Hi Tony!!
    yes, certainlly this activity pushes learners to try heard. When I have decided to count the words, I wasn’t expected that I have read so much. I think that by counting words that you have read in a week will keep an eye on your progress and you will be self motivated for reading more.

  3. shashi said

    Tony, I’ve also decided to read some penguin reader’s books and some other books. I think it will help improve our comprehension skill as well as our vocabulary. I will try to find some graded books from local library and whenever I will find some leisure time I will invest it on reading. Actually I am keen reader and love to read but I have never read the books for learning purpose. Now I will do that.

  4. Tony said

    Great!! Shashi

    Penguin reader offers lots of interesting movie novels and fictions. I am sure that you will love reading them!! 🙂 Reading some books which is lower your level is enjoyable and relaxed. Most importantly, you can naturally train your comprehension by reading these easy books.

    Maybe one day we can create some discussions to discuss some penguin reader that we read.

    Good luck to your reading adventure!! 🙂

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