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I am on holiday. Cheers!!!

Posted by shashi on April 24, 2006

It is past midnight and I am sitting at my computer, trying to concentrate on my studying. However, I do not feel comfortable. There is a disturbing tranquillity in the atmosphere. There are grumbling noises coming out of the computer; otherwise, everything is quiet. This extreme calmness disturbs me. It echoes in my ears and causes my heartbeat to increase. Now my heart is beating very fast and there is excruciating pain, which has forced me to keep my fist on my chest. I am trying to hold myself, but I feel that certainly there is something inside my chest that is pricking me. Hey!! Who the hell are you? What are you trying to do? I scold it, but it keeps going on and now I can't bear it anymore.

I find a crack on my chest as if you find on ground in droughts. It's very tiny but I can make it out. It is exactly on my heart area. I am surprised why the blood is not oozing out man!! Hey, this crack is getting wider and wider and deeper. What's going on!!!!!! The pain is getting more intolerable. I am feeling as if someone trying to pierce my chest with blunt knife. "Hey stop! I can't bear it anymore." I yell. But it doesn't stop and keep going on. A gush of blood comes out and spreads on my chest. Two tiny hands with little fingers try to hold my skin. With its little foots, it comes out and sits calmly on my chest. I am looking at it surprisingly; its stranger who has come out from my body. "Who are you?" I ask politely. Still it is smiling and staring at my eyes. " Who am I? Can't you recognise me? I am your heart. Your lovable and only heart." " But why are out? I will die if you stay outside." " You will die if I stay outside? How mean you are!! You are thinking of yourself. Have you ever thought how I am living inside? I am living alone inside that cage, working 24 hours and 12 months without any break and without any expectation. Don't you think that I should get some break? Hey man! Now I am on holiday and I will enjoy my outside stay. Cheers!!!!!"


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