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Business Baazigar

Posted by shashi on May 9, 2006

Now days, in India, there is big reality show, which has become very famous in a short period, called as BUSINESS BAAZIGAR.( baazigar means risk taker)


There are so many reality shows running successfully on TV but this show is unique one. This show is basically to support newer entrepreneurs by funding for their Business Ideas. In this show, participants were called up on from all over the India with their business ideas.  The response was tremendous- over 2 lakh entries poured in from all corners of the country. The aspirants spanned various ages and came from different strata’s of society, economic and educational background. Only one thing united them- smart ideas and a common aspiration to convert it into a business empire. These business ideas sent by applicants were screened through a set of rigorous criteria and narrowed down to 200 who were then called in for further evaluation. These selected ideas were further screened down to 50 finalists and Business Baazigar went on air on March 31 with them. Week after week,they will be given challenges that will test them on the various qualities that are needed to set up and run a successful, profit making business. These tasks will test the finalists on their ability to cope with unpredictable situations, make smart judgments and find satisfactory solutions when problems arise and finally prove to the jury and the audience alike who among them is truly capable of succeeding as a Business Baazigar. Only one will succeed and be given funding (worth corers) for his Business Idea, while some other deserving candidates will get short term funding.

In the last episode, participants were given just a single Indian rupee and asked to survive for 24 hours in the city of dreams, Bombay. All the precious material (including mobile phones, wallet, ornaments and so on) was removed, so they have to survive for one day with only one rupee in hand. (In India, with one rupee you can’t even buy a single slice of bread). Two of the participants had secured a job in the popular Café, and spent the day waiting at tables and interacting with the customers. They were assured of good food but nothing concrete was fixed in terms of money. Someof them managed to fix the deal with road vendors and earned some money in the term of percentage. But my favourite pair is Ali and Ankur. They started with cleaning the taxies and earned some money. (Both are computer engineer but they never feel ashamed for doing such work.) After cleaning taxis, Ali and Ankur got a lucky break when they earned big money by assisting some foreigners in buying a laptop. They earned a fat commission of Rs.2300/-, putting them ahead of the rest with the most money earned so far.

Big ideas, innovative money making schemes, team spirit, ego clashes, hunger, thirst and competition are all a part of this task of survival. I am eagerly waiting for its next episode to watch who will be out of the game. It’s really wonderful and exciting show.


3 Responses to “Business Baazigar”

  1. Shashi, you will be syrprised to read this.

    This is Ali himself, one of the contestant of Business Baazigar, First of all I should thank you to undetrstand both me and Ankur so perfectly. Secondly I thank you to write such a good note of Business Baazigar in your Blog.

    Shashi this show is one of its kind and it has really given us a platform to fulfill our dreams of making it big in business arena.

    I am trying my best with my hard work as u must be seeing, to grab the title but it all depends upon God’s will and prayers of people like you’ll.

    Looking forward to have a friend like you in life.

    Thanks and Regards
    Mohammed Ali Ismail
    Business Baazigar

  2. shashi said

    Oh my goodness!!
    I can’t believe that it’s you Ali. Thanks for commenting on my blog.
    You are my favourite contestant from business bazigaar. I really like your attitude and your confidence. You are always confident about yourself and that’s the plus point. You are working really hard and I wish you all the best and I will pray God for your success.
    Best of Luck….

  3. Aslam said

    What a rubbish? There were other contestants who were performing better than Ali. They were ingored due to lack of chances

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