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New Linguist podcast site for English learners

Posted by shashi on May 12, 2006

The Linguist has launched a new podcast site: English lingQ (pronounced as English link). Each podcast will contain an interview, article, audio book excerpt etc… which will be either beginner, intermediate or advanced. After you listen to it a few times on your iPod you can come to the EnglishLingQ companion site where you will be able to study it using the LingQ learning system. Membership in EnglishLingQ is free for the first ten items you study so you will have plenty of time to decide whether you want to subscribe and become a full member of The Linguist. You may even win the chance to speak to our tutors or have your writing corrected. Of course, even if you don’t decide to become a full member, you can continue listening to the podcasts as long as you like.

This is a good podcast site for the English language learners or for those who wants to start learning English. These podcasts contain good authentic material that you can listen to on your iPod. If you want to study these content then you can do it by becoming linguist member just for as low as $20 per month where you can build your own vocabulary and can speak with native speakers.

So don’t waste time and start listening to linguist podcast right now.(It's totally free to listen)

Click to subscribe it now: rss button.png


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