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Shashi’s Pronunciation Report

Posted by shashi on May 14, 2006

Content studied : Your Language Adventure, part 6

Linguist Digest: volume 1 Issue 23

My recording

Steve's recording


The Linguist will link more and more example sentences using this term for you to review. These examples are not from a dictionary. These examples come from the content you are studying. As you study more content The Linguist automatically links more and more examples for you to study.

You can get on The Linguist system and see how these links create examples of words and phrases that are important to you. The Linguist system will ask you to regularly review these words and phrases and to use them in your writing and speaking. You will find that you will be able to remember new vocabulary better than ever. You will also become better at noticing new words and phrases in your listening and reading. This will help you to use them when you need to.

The Linguist is efficient. If your learning is efficient you will make rapid progress. Your success will encourage you to continue. You will feel more relaxed. When you are relaxed, you learn. When you learn, you want to put more time into your learning activities. You will find that you have the time to learn.

Soon you will see phrases and not just words. You will develop a sense for which words belong together. The Linguist system will train this ability in your brain. You will learn to speak correctly by learning phrases. You will not try to remember all the rules and exceptions of English every time you want to speak or write. This is an impossible task.

You will connect phrases to meaning and concepts. When you first learn an English word or phrase you rely on its translated meaning. But this will change. Gradually the relationship between the words and their meaning in English will become more important to you than their translated meaning. Your brain will be building the necessary network to think in English. Soon you will be operating comfortably and correctly in real English without translating into your native language. That is the wonderful thing about The Linguist's linking system, it will make you independent of your native language.

Your listening and speaking activities will also improve your pronunciation. As you are training yourself to notice words and phrases, you will also start to concentrate more on the pronunciation of individual words and phrases. You may start saying them out loud to yourself. You will find that you are taking more initiative in improving your English. If you wish to put special effort on pronunciation you can work on repeating vowel sounds, consonant sounds and full sentence pronunciation at the Pronounce section of The Linguist. Your tutor will give you feedback to help you. If you are especially interested in pronunciation you can seek the help of our Pronunciation Doctor.


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