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Shashi’s Reading Report

Posted by shashi on May 14, 2006

Reading report of this week: From 8th May to 14th May

Shashi's audio report

  • Listen to audio report: button_audio.gif

1. Contents studied from Linguist Library:

  • Dr. Laura speaks with a mom who has an angry son – 926words
  • Wal-Mart a History of Success – 488 words
  • The Linguist part 1: Introduction – 1825 words
  • The Linguist part 2: A start of Journey – 1823 words
  • Dr. Laura speaks with a betryed housband – 852 words
  • Personal#1 -378 words

2. Non-linguist contents:

  • The comet magazine -784words
  • BBC world news – 1495words

3. Books


This week's Total = 16,495 words

Grand Total = 3,05,086 words


2 Responses to “Shashi’s Reading Report”

  1. Tony said

    Hi Shashi

    I like your idea of making a audio report. It is the best way to review the words from the contents you are studying. 🙂 Good idea!

    I have been planning to run my audio English learning report which I may summrize all activities I do within two weeks or so.

    Maybe I will also run our audio report for my reading record.

    Shashi, you are amazing!! I’ve often stolen many good ideas of learning English from your blog!! 🙂

  2. shashi said

    Hi Tony!!

    For me, this activity was really challenging. First i thought that i could mange to speak on studied content. However, later I found that, that was really tough job for me. It’s easy to read content but it’s difficult to talk on the same content. I knew all the contents very well but I couldn’t recollect all the things appropriatly.
    One more thing is that, on lots of occasion I’ve used wrong tense. At the beginning I talked in past tense and then I started speaking in present tense. I’ve noticed this only when I listened it again.
    I think we should continue to exchange some good activities of language learning. This only keeps motivating us and that’s really helpful for both of us.

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