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what you say about laptop

Posted by shashi on May 19, 2006

I am looking for a good laptop. I am bit confused about which laptop is good. There are so many componies that it makes confused. I only know that while purchasing laptop we should look for it's RAM and HARD DISK SPACE. I think I should take a laptop with 524 or 1084 ram and a hard disk space about 60 to 80 GB. But which brand is reliable? There are packard bell, Toshiba, compaq, HP and sony. I am confused which one is best. and is there any other thing that i should check before purchasing? llike graphic card or wireless or any other thing. I haven;t knowledge of software or hardware. so please guide me so that I should not be dis-satisfied after purchasing.


2 Responses to “what you say about laptop”

  1. yuka said

    Nice to meet you Shashi. I am a The Linguist member, Yuka.
    I used to use sony one. I had two vaio. I thought “vaio” was a little bit slow to opalating to windows. But it was old model’s story. I’m not familier with computer hard ware stuff. I hope you wll find good stuff!

    by the way can I link your blog with on my blog?

  2. shashi said

    Hi Yuka!!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving valuable advice. I am still looking for good laptop.
    Off course you can link my blog.

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