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Horrible two weeks

Posted by shashi on May 28, 2006

Past couple of weeks I was off from the computer and Internet and obviously from the Linguist but now I bought new laptop so I am back again and have started studying with the linguist. It was really horrible period for me. Firstly my old computer was broken down and in the UK , it cost a lot to repair the computer. So, I decided to buy a new laptop instead of spending money on repairing the older one. Finally, yesterday I bought a new one.
These ten to fifteen days were so horrible for me. I wasn’t able to access to the linguist site. So , actually I was totally away from the English language. I didn’t participate in group discussion nor I did study contents from library. Now I understood how it is important  to be in touch with the language. I am eagerly waiting to participate in group discussion so that I could feel more confident. I have to study hard and spend more time to speed up my language learning.  


4 Responses to “Horrible two weeks”

  1. yuka said

    That’s sounds like me. Last month I moved house. I couldn’t use network about a few weeks. I felt a stress because I couldn’t study like usuall. sometimes I felt I addict the Linguist!

  2. shashi said

    You ‘ve used correct word. We are addicted to the Linguist. It has become part of our daily life. During this period I used to go to public library to use computer and spend some time . However it allowes us only for one hour and can’t use microphone. so I just visit steve’s blog and did some other linguist activities. It’s really hard to stay away from the linguist.

  3. Tony said

    Hi Shashi

    I can totally relate to how you felt without the Linguist. I am also a guy who addicted to the Linguist. I really cannot imagine that how would I live without The Linguist since The Linguist has become an the important part of my life!!!

  4. shashi said

    That’s right Tony. Now i have decided to concentrate more on listening and spend much time on repetative listening of older contents. I just want to be in touch with the language.

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