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Way to improve the use of natural phrases

Posted by shashi on June 2, 2006

Yesterday,I went to the hospital to see my relative who was admitted there for some investigations. I spend almost my whole day there. She was admitted in female ward. There were two other patients near by her. Both were old and may be they were regular patients in that hospital. While sitting there and looking after my patient, I spend most of the time either chatting with her or listening to my linguist contents on mp3. This was totally new experience for me. Before buying new laptop, I used to listen to contents only on the PC as my software didn't allow me to download files on my mp3 player. However, now I can do that and so can listen to contents over and over again.

Both of them were very talkative and both these ladies were continuously chatting with each other. For that reason, I stopped listening to mp3 and started to concentrate on what they were talking. To my surprise, I understood everything they said. Only on few occasions, I wasn't able to understand some words, but overall I guessed the meaning. For the first time I realised that my listening ability is improved. I noticed one thing that they use various phrases which I didn't heard in our linguist library. It is also obvious that linguist can't cover all the contents and various phrases that native speakers use commonly. I realised that if I have to improve then I have to take initiative in all aspect.

Now I've decided that I will try to talk as much possible as I can with the native speakers. I believe that if I want to talk fluently, I have to use some natural phrases. I can learn these phrases only by listening conversations of these native speakers. Henceforth, I will pay more attention on native speakers' conversations and try to find out common phrases that they use during their day to day life.


3 Responses to “Way to improve the use of natural phrases”

  1. yuka said

    Were you listening to England English? It is much more difficult for me to listen to England English than the other….

  2. shashi said

    I don’t think that British English is more difficult. Indeed, British people say that Canadian English is more difficult to understand as canadians speak fastely. As I am living in the UK I have to learn British accent.

  3. yuka said

    really? that’s interesting.

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