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2006 kick off

Posted by shashi on June 10, 2006

And so it begins!

The waiting was almost over for millions of football fans from all over the world with the first match in the World Cup kicked off yesterday afternoon. I am the big fan of football. I love this game as it is the fastest and most thriller game. For 90 minutes, you almost stick with the game and your heart beats faster and faster as the game progresses. World cup is the highest point of enjoyment for football fans and I am not the exception.

Even though India is not qualified for world cup, there are thousand of millions of Indian fans who love the football game.

It’s hard to guess who will be the winner but I think Brazil is strong and professional team and they are world champion of the last world cup. However, previous history says that whenever Brazil is considered as the winner they usually didn’t win, so it’s good to see whether they could break this record or not. After Brazil, I think England is the best team and I consider them as a dark horse. Beckham, Rooney, Garrard are some of the well know names from English camp. I am much confident about England team. Today, they are going to play their first match with Paraguay. I am much excited to watch this match. It will start at 2 pm BST and you can watch this match on BBC one.




2 Responses to “2006 kick off”

  1. Adam said

    It should be a fantastic tournament! I’m not a huge fan of football myself, but I was in Korea during the 2002 Korea/Japan World Cup, and the atmosphere was truly electric!

    You’ve got an inspiring blog here, Shashi! Keep up the excellent effort!

    From an EFL teacher.

  2. shashi said

    Thanks Adam.

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